Ranking the best buffets in Branson, MO

Ranking the best buffets in Branson, MO

There’s certainly no shortage of buffets in Branson, Missouri. 

When you need lots of options and portions as big as you can handle sometimes nothing is easier than hitting a buffet for dinner. 

Deciding on which one to visit, however, can be a chore. 

To help guests staying in our hotel in Branson, MO, we’ve gathered all the options here in order of their average Google review rating. 

We’ve also included prices (without a drink), specials, and any other relevant info including how they’re asking guests to approach dining in during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Just a heads up, this only includes restaurants that have a buffet from restaurant open to close. 

So, no breakfast or lunch only buffets. 

Prices, specials, and other information may change after the posting of this blog. 

Pizza Ranch

Average Google users’ rating: 4.4 stars


  • Lunch: $11.49
  • Dinner: $13.49
  • Kids 3-12 charged $0.75 x their age

Specials: Kids eat free Tuesday from 4p.m. to 9 p.m.

Pizza Ranch provides a buffet filled with all kinds of pizza, fried chicken, salad, and pasta. To finish off your meal, they’ve got five different kinds of dessert pizza!

Customers are required to wear a mask (no face shields allowed) and tables are spaced apart. 

Grand Country Inn Buffet

Average Google users’ rating: 4.3 stars


  • Breakfast $9.99
  • Lunch $11.99
  • Dinner $14.99
  • Kids 4-12 are $7.50.

Specials: Brunch on Sundays for $13.99.

A part of the Grand Country Resort, the Grand Country Inn buffet is available for purchase by anyone regardless if they’re staying at the resort. 

Guests are encouraged to wear a mask in the building and when going through the buffet line.

Papa Grand’s Pizza Buffet

Average Google users’ rating: 4.3 stars* (this is a part of Grand Country Inn so the same review applies)

Price: $8.99. Kids 4-12 are $4.99.

Specials: None.

Papa Grand’s Pizza is also a part of the Grand Country Resort. This pizza buffet includes a full salad bar and a hot pizza bar. Same coronavirus measures as their other buffet are in effect here too.

Branson’s Golden Corral Buffet

Average Google users’ rating: 4 stars


  • Lunch: $10.19
  • Dinner: $15.49
  • Kids are $5.99 for ages 4-8 and $6.99 for ages 9-12.

Specials: Every day after 4 p.m. steak is on the buffet (keep an eye on their Facebook page too).

Interestingly enough, Branson’s Golden Corral Buffet dining area is the company’s largest in the world with a seating capacity of over 650. 

The restaurant is open every day of the year except Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. 

Currently, the staff serves you as you traverse the buffet but it’s still the same all-you-can-eat situation. 

You do have to be wearing a mask when you’re walking around and being served at the buffet. 


Average Google users’ rating: 3.9 stars


  • Breakfast: Adults $10.99. Children (5-10) $7.99.                   
  • Lunch and dinner: Adults $12.99. Children $9.99.

Specials: Seafood on Fridays and Saturdays for dinner.

American-style entrées, seafood, sides, salads, fresh fruits, vegetables, and soups for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

Starvin Marvin’s

Average Google users’ rating: 3.7 stars


  • Breakfast: Adults $8.99. Children (4-10) $5.99.                   
  • Lunch: Adults $12.99. Children (4-10) $8.99.
  • Dinner: Adults $21.99. Children (4-10) $10.99.

Specials: None.

At the locally-owned Starvin Marvin’s, you can order from a menu or head to the buffet. 

On the lunch buffet you’ll find catfish, chicken tenders, pulled pork, pork chops, and more. 

The dinner buffet is where you’ll get frog legs, catfish (fried or blackened), all kinds of shrimp, crawfish, and many other cajun dishes. 

Put a mask on when you’re away from your table.


Average Google users’ rating: 3.6 stars

Price: $7.99. Kids are $3.99.        

Specials: None.

Cici’s has salad, pasta, lots of pizza, and a couple of dessert options on its buffet. You have to put on a mask to go through the line.

Whipper Snappers Seafood Buffet

Average Google users’ rating: 3.2 stars

Price: This one has a lot of choices. Here’s the breakdown: 

  • Buffet without crab or lobster: $22
  • Buffet with one lobster and one pound of crab legs: $40
  • All-you-can-eat lobster: $50
  • All-you-can-eat lobster and crab legs: $80

Specials: None.

Steak, chicken, and the usual sides are also available at this locally owned seafood buffet.

The usual rules regarding a mask apply here too. Have it on as you go through the line and otherwise walk throughout the restaurant. 

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