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How to Save Money on your Next Trip to Branson

Taking a trip to Branson, Missouri is on your wish list this year. But you’re trying to stay within a budget without making it a total bore. 

Is it possible to have your cake and eat it too in this situation? 


We’ve got several tips below on how to save money in Branson on your next trip while still having a blast with your family.

Visiting Branson during the off-season

Taking a trip somewhere during the summer is cliche anyway, right? Not convinced to break out of the norm, yet? 

What if we told you less people visiting during the off-season equals lower hotel rates and a better shot at deals on tickets? 

I ran a check for hotel prices for a weekend stay in late February this year and compared it to a weekend stay for Memorial Day weekend. The February stay was nearly 30% cheaper.

If you can pull off taking the family down in the middle of a week, it was a 50% savings.

Not rolling your eyes anymore, huh?

The best time to find these rates are the spring, early fall, or the winter not around holidays. 

An added point of convenience — this will also mean less traffic and other tourists. So, less traffic and shorter lines at attractions.

Save money in Branson by traveling in early fall in Branson Grand Oaks Hotel
Besides, the Ozarks in the fall can be absolutely stunning! Go hang out by Lake Taneycomo, grab a drink at the locally famous Paddlewheel Pub – tell ’em Grand Oaks sent ya!

Act like you want a timeshare

Some of you may have heard about this, but some of you are saying, “WHAT?” Yes, you can actually score some free tickets to attractions in Branson by simply attending a timeshare pitch! 

Be VERY careful, however. These guys are very skilled salespeople and will make it seem like a no-brainer. But if you don’t think you have the money for a timeshare, you don’t. And if you stick to your guns, you can get out of there with some sweet, free tickets. 

To get your free tickets: 

  • Read the fine print. Do you have to buy anything? Does your income qualify you for the presentation and free gift?
  • Ask the person signing you up lots of questions regarding the prior bullet point. Get them to say, “Yes. You qualify and will get the tickets you are interested in for attending even if you don’t buy anything.”
  • Act semi-interested the whole time so you don’t get kicked out, but don’t agree to anything.
  • When it comes to buying a timeshare or exiting with your free ticket for nothing, stick to your guns and just be polite while saying “No” repeatedly.

Winner, winner, free chicken dinner. I mean…at least that’s what they had when I got free tickets to the Showboat Branson Belle anyway.


Get your coupons at the Visitor Information Center and Tourism Center

If you don’t mind breaking out some scissors, there’s some decent savings in the booklets the Branson Tourism Center hands out. Bonus: if you have no idea what you’re getting into with Branson, they’ve got all kinds of brochures that give you an idea of what all is available to you. 

But they also have a website that has buy-one-get-one offers on many Branson attractions including the Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai and Branson’s Famous Baldknobbers. 

It also includes a free online visitor’s guide.


Be sure to check the deals against the regular price and against other coupons or loyalty program deals (*ahem* check out OUR loyalty program deal below!) Sheesh, who knew saving money was such hard work!?

Download Groupon

So, I searched “Branson” on Groupon and it said there were 600 results at the time for various deals around Branson. I’m not going to say I sat here and scrolled through all of them because I didn’t. 

But I did take a quick glance at some of the top results and saw a few like: 

  • 50% off of mini golf
  • 55% off of admission to a toy museum
  • A food voucher that gets you $15 worth of food and drinks for $9
  • 51% off a ticket for a coaster and swing ride (that extra one percent clinched it for me)

As you can see, you’ll find various deals on Branson hotels, food, attractions, etc. that will save you a good chunk of change.


Take advantage of the free stuff

One way to save money in Branson is to not spend it! There are some places you can swing by in Branson to capture a gorgeous view or learn a few things!

Just a few of note: 

  • Dewey Short Visitor Center — Right by Table Rock Dam. You can get some history on Table Rock Dam and how it created Table Rock Lake and Lake Taneycomo. There are also some activities and exhibits inside.
  • Table Rock Dam — There’s also a fish hatchery nearby where you can feed the fish.
  • Branson Landing — If you’re looking at going to Branson, you’ve likely heard of the landing. But it’s more than just shopping! There’s the gorgeous view for just strolling and every hour on the hour there’s a fountain that has a water and fire show. There’s also some live music from time to time on the landing.
  • Hiking — There’s so many places to hike in Branson. A simple search will populate many different places to check out.


Watch for Rewards and Loyalty Programs

If you like to visit often, there are opportunities to really save money in Branson by joining rewards programs with some of the attractions or stores so your repeat visits will net you a cheaper price! Be sure to ask an employee before you leave. 

Of course, we have to provide a shameless plug for our new Grand Oaks Loyalty Program. Be sure to check it out at The luxury you can afford, just got more affordable. 

We hope to see you on your next trip to Branson.

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