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7 Branson travel tips for newcomers

Branson travel tips are important for those who are newcomers to the city of Branson, pictured here.
Branson, MO, USA – March 10, 2020: Branson, MO water tower near the entertainment strip of Branson, a popular tourist destination. 1 of 1

If your vacation is bringing you to the live entertainment capitol of the United States and you’re looking for Branson travel tips – you have made it to the right place.

Branson is a beautiful city in the Missouri Ozarks with plenty of things to do whether it be shows, outdoor activities, shopping, or dining. However, to get the most out of your vacation you’ll need to plan ahead and it can help to understand a few things in advance. So, Grand Oaks Hotel staff is here to help you with a few Branson travel tips for newcomers!

5 Branson travel tips

Branson travel tip #1 – Book your hotel room in advance

As you’re planning your vacation itinerary something you’ll want to get done fairly early in the process is booking your hotel room. Branson is a popular vacation destination, so when you find a room that fits your budget and has the amenities you need it’s best to book it as soon as you can. Here at Grand Oaks Hotel we’re not only luxury you can afford, but we’re also right off the main strip (Highway 76) making us one of the few hotels that are close to nearly everything you could want to do in Branson. Which brings us to one of the most important Branson travel tips.

Tip #2 – Plan ahead for heavy traffic

Highway 76, the main strip, can get busy enough for it to literally be bumper-to-bumper at times. We suggest knowing where alternate routes are in case this happens and you need a way around all the traffic.

Branson travel tip #3 – Check the weather just before your trip

Locals love to joke about how unpredictable the weather is around Branson. So, yes, this may sound like elementary advice but it’s important. Check the forecast for any last-minute changes to avoid having to buy a new vacation wardrobe when you get here.

Tip #4 – There are cheaper places to eat

There are cheap Branson restaurant options that don’t skimp on flavor. So, if you’re trying to save your money for things to do or otherwise need to be budget-conscious on where you eat, don’t feel like it’s impossible.

Branson travel tip #5 – Don’t forget the beauty of the outdoors

There’s so much natural beauty to be seen in the Ozarks. There are plenty of Branson MO hiking trails to trek or, of course, there’s always the three lakes we are nearby – Table Rock, Tanycomo, and Bull Shoals. There’s plenty of ways to enjoy yourself outside during your visit to Branson.

Tip #6 – Keep an eye on local events for cheap fun

If you are visiting around a holiday, chances are Branson and surrounding cities will be putting on some sort of event. Oftentimes these have free admission but will have plenty of fun things to do and experience. There may be food trucks or other vendors selling things at the events but usually that’s the only cost attached!

Branson travel tip #7 – Historical sites are in abundance here

For more cheap fun that is also inspirational and nostalgic, check out our plentiful historical sites! There are caves to explore, trains to ride and more in Branson! You can even visit a historical property that was the setting of a legendary book.

Put your newfound Branson travel tips to use

These Branson travel tips are useless without somewhere to stay. Here at Grand Oaks you’ll find affordable hotel rooms featuring all the amenities you need, including those who require ADA accessibility. We also serve a free breakfast and have indoor and outdoor pools. Why stay anywhere else?

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