3 Alternate Branson Routes to Travel like a Local

3 Alternate Branson Routes to Travel like a Local

So much to do, so little time to deal with traffic. Travel like a local by familiarizing yourself with these alternate Branson routes to get to your favorite attractions and restaurants efficiently. The average sightseer who makes their way down to Branson may find themselves stuck in the endless line of cars, bumpe-to-bumper, on the famous 76 strip. Grab a pen and paper and take some notes for everything you need to know about getting around Branson.

Courtesy of the Branson Tourism Center, use this map to find the three major routes that you can follow to arrive at your desired destination. The routes are color coded blue, red and yellow. Save this map to your phone. Prefer the handy dandy, hard copy of a map? Stop by one of the many Branson Welcome Centers as you make your way in to town and grab one. Either way, you can count on street signs along the way that say which route you are on.

The major highways surrounding Branson running North and South are routes 165 and 265-remember that these are odd numbered. Evenly numbered routes 76, 248 and 376 run East to West. The colored routes do not include Hwy 76; they are in fact, alternate routes for you to take.

Alternate Branson Routes: Red Route 

Red Route is State Highway 248, locally known as Shepherd of the Hills Expressway. This route runs East to West, leading you to Downtown Branson, Lake Taneycomo, the Convention Center and the Branson Landing. Heading the opposite direction down this route will lead to the other end of the 76 strip for quick access to shows and attractions.

Alternate Branson Routes: Blue Route

Blue Route runs through Roark Valley Road and Gretna Road. It could be looked at as a bypass around Hwy 76, as it’s a great way to skip out on some of the strip congestion. You can also follow Blue Route to cut across to Red Route (aka Shepherd of the Hills Expwy) to avoid traveling the long way down 76 or all the way around Yellow Route.

Alternate Branson Routes: Yellow Route  

Yellow Route, otherwise known as Green Mountain Drive, is probably the best route to take to avoid city traffic altogether. If your destination is not a major attraction, or you need to get around to the other side of Branson to Red Route (Shepherd of the Hills Expwy) this is the road to take. Green Mountain Drive tends not to be congested with traffic, as it has three lanes. The Yellow Route is also a great way to take if you’re heading out of town and need to jump on the highway. It’ll come out right before 65, and oppositely take you close to on-ramps for Hwy 465 and 265. Additionally, there are touch points along the way that lead out to 76.

Travel like a local around Branson with these alternate routes to make the most out of your trip. Busy season in Branson can be very congested and cause tardiness to show times or dinner reservations. Skip the line by using these alternate routes.

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