Cheap Branson vacation: A day with only $50

Cheap Branson vacation: A day with only $50

Couple in Talking Rocks Cavern as part of their cheap Branson vacation
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Are you looking for a way to have a cheap Branson vacation? There’s a way to put together a fun itinerary for under $50. Prices are obviously subject to change and may not be reflected in this article.

Breakfast at your Branson hotel

Even though you’re trying to do Branson on the cheap, don’t sacrifice your comfort. Make sure you at least get a good value from your Branson hotel. Grand Oaks Hotel in Branson has fair prices, comfortable beds, and amenity-packed rooms including a free breakfast. Take advantage of our complimentary, hot continental breakfast to start your day off right.

Would you rather spend a little more dough and try breakfast from a local restaurant? We picked a few spots we think may have the best breakfast in Branson.

Hit some hiking trails in Branson 

Branson has some wonderful hiking trails for all skill levels that offer striking views of the beautiful Ozarks. So, get out and shed that stress from daily life with a peaceful hike. If you need help picking a spot, we picked out the best hiking trails in Branson in another blog.

Cheap lunch in Branson 

We’ve saved you from dipping into your wallet until lunch! Hey, we said we’d help you put together a cheap Branson vacation and we meant it. Let’s keep saving but we don’t want to skimp out on flavor. That takes us to a nice, juicy burger and fries from Billy Bob’s Dairyland for around $10. If you’re more in the mood for a chicken breast or pork tenderloin sandwich, those combos will save you a buck or two.

Not feeling like a burger place after your hike? Don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best cheap places to eat in Branson. A couple of the suggestions on that list may be more than $10 per person depending on what you get, but still good budget eats.

Afternoon Talking Rocks Cavern tour 

Missouri is the cave state, so you at least have to check out one of the two Branson has open for tours! We opted for the one that doesn’t require a trip to Silver Dollar City. However, if you do plan on springing for admission to one of the best theme parks in America, you can tour Marvel Cave for free with your admission.

As for Talking Rocks Cavern, you can purchase your tickets upon your arrival and get in on the next scheduled tour. Adult tickets are $23 apiece. For their hours and current pricing you can click here.

Dinner  at a Branson favorite

Branson has lots of great restaurants to choose from. However, you can choose from nearly everything on the menu at Farmhouse Restaurant and – as long as you’ve stuck to our itinerary – stay under our $50 daily budget.

If you’re feeling like you want to do some shopping after dinner with the cash you’ve saved by doing a cheap Branson vacation, we’ve got a list of stores for unique gifts in Branson (or something for yourself).

We’ve done some of these things and need more ideas! 

So, you love Branson so much you’re making a return trip? Or maybe you come back annually? We’ve got you. Earlier this year we sought out all the new things to do in Branson in 2022 that we could find. You may not be able to stay under $50 per person for the day if you incorporate any of those activities, however.

Cheap hotel room in Branson 

For a cheap Branson vacation, you can’t beat staying at the hotel in Branson that provides a comfortable stay just off the strip – Grand Oaks Hotel.

Our rooms are competitively priced while still offering lots of amenities. Want to make it an even more memorable weekend? Book our jacuzzi king suite that has a two-person jacuzzi in the room!

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