Branson's Top 10 New Family-Friendly Rides and Attractions

Branson’s Top 10 New Family-Friendly Rides and Attractions

Branson's Top 10 New Family-Friendly Rides and Attractions
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If your family has made a trip to Branson in the last few years, you’ll be excited to learn it has lots of new attractions, making a return trip worthwhile. 

We have compiled a list of newer attractions to visit, with their COVID-19 restrictions so you can be safe and compliant when you visit.

Here are the ones that have received our vote for top 10: 

1. Branson Sawmill’s new ride named Buzzsaw

The Sawmill is, of course, home to the Branson Coaster. However, they added a new attraction in late 2019 named the Buzzsaw. This is a rotating swing ride that rises 123 feet into the air, offering a wonderful view. Many recommendations of the ride comment on that fact and how smooth the ride feels. 

Check it out over on 2115 West 76 Country Boulevard. Tickets are $9 for one ride or $30 for an all day pass.

There is no requirement to wear a mask when you attend. However, in the queue line groups are asked to stay six feet away from one another with stickers on the ground as a reminder and measurement guide.

Savings tip: You can save 51% off on an all-you-can-ride ticket for the Buzzsaw. They also have a roller coaster there, and you can save 16% ($24.99) on a ticket that allows you to ride both rides as much as you want. 

2. Aquarium at the Boardwalk

This much-anticipated 46,000-square-foot addition will be coming in August 2020. Seahorses, jellyfish, octopi, eels and sharks are all slated to be on display. 

Children and adults alike will enjoy the “Touch Pool,” where there’s going to be several sea creatures to…well…touch. 

There’s also the Mermaid Palace where, evidently, someone is going to be telling tales of “mermaids safeguarding the sea.” Hey, it’s for the kids. If you don’t want to listen to that with the little ones, you can watch the fish and seahorses swimming around nearby.

All-in-all it should be a good time. It’ll be on 2700 West 76 Country Boulevard.

3. WonderWorks

Right off the bat, you’re going to see this is going to be a little different. The whole place appears to be upside down. 

WonderWorks just opened late this spring and is a 45,000-square-feet of “edu-tainment” according to their site. 

There’s going to be over 100 hands-on exhibits that get kids excited and having fun with S.T.E.A.M. (science, technology, engineering, art & math).

Exhibits include: 

  • Meteorology and More: An extreme weather and natural disaster zone where guests can even experience hurricane winds!
  • Physical Physics: Understanding pulleys, playing virtual sports, and lying on a bed of nails. You know, typical stuff. Wait, what was that last thing?
  • Space Discovery: Get in a capsule like the one NASA landed on Mercury, wear a space suit, and, if you’re big enough (crazy enough), experience the “Astronaut Training Gyro.” It spins in multiple, random directions as it simulates the effects that outer space has on humans.

There’s plenty more to do over at WonderWorks on 2835 West 76 Country Boulevard. Maybe wait on a big lunch until after the training gyro. 

Guest are encouraged, but not required to wear a mask. All other COVID-19 information they’ve released is here.

Savings tip: If it’s anything like the other locations, you’ll save nearly 50% on an adult ticket by purchasing online after 6 p.m. and a few dollars on kids tickets. However, as of the writing of this article, prices haven’t been announced.

4. Mystic River Falls at Silver Dollar City

Do you want to know what it feels like to be riding a raft and fall four-and-a-half stories down a waterfall? Sure you do. 

They claim it’s “the tallest drop in the Western Hemisphere” for a raft ride (I’ll take their word for it).

It’ll be a little over a five-minute ride promising the biggest splash they’ve offered in their 60-year history. 

Silver Dollar City will open, with restrictions, June 13 to season pass holders; June 15 to all guests.

5. Runaway Mountain Coaster

This is a unique type of coaster ride that is pulled to the top of a hill via a chain similar to traditional coasters, but then uses the natural elevation change to then provide the rest of the thrill ride. 

The developers say they wanted an outdoor attraction as unobtrusive as possible while still providing an experience visitors would never forget. 

Another unique feature of this coaster: you can control the speed of your car with an individual braking system. 

The Runaway Mountain Coaster can be visited at Branson Mountain Adventure at 935 Highway 165 and it is open now!

Visitors are not required to wear masks at Branson Mountain Adventure. They do suggest you start at their website — — prior to arrival. You can sign your waiver and pay for tickets there so you limit your contact with others and get on the coaster faster! They have also added social distancing signs in the queue line.

Savings tip: There’s often a Groupon special where you can save $7 per ticket if you’re the driver of the car you’re in (the driver tickets are more expensive).

6. Flyaway Quad Ziplines

In 2019, Branson Mountain Adventure opened a new attraction called the Flyaway Quad Ziplines. 

It’s exactly what it sounds like — four ziplines. 

You can take the whole family (as long as they’re 48” tall and between 75-275 pounds) and “race” down the ziplines. 

It offers a spectacular view as you soar over Fall Creek. 

They are ran by the same company as the Runaway Mountain Coaster, so they have the same guidelines pertaining to social distancing and such.

Savings tip: if you purchase a combo of the ziplines and the Mountain Coaster, you can save $6. 

7. 1984 Arcade

Get all the nostalgia you want for $10 at 1984 Arcade at The Shoppes at Branson Meadows (4240 Gretna Road). That’s the admission for an all-day pass to play arcade games from the 80s! 

The decor is retro and all of the video games are free to play with your admission. 

You can even leave and come back later the same day to continue your unlimited play. 

There are some claw machines, pinball machines, and an air-hockey table that do take quarters to play. 

They reopened May 13 and resumed normal hours of operation after the shutdown due to coronavirus. They don’t require masks but have moved the machines six feet apart and implemented other measures to reduce contact at the arcade.

8. Big Air Trampoline Park

There are 11 different activities at Big Air that will keep your family entertained, no matter their age. 

You’ve got a ninja-style course for all of you American Ninja Warrior fans, spots to use your new and improved vertical (from the trampolines) to dunk, and even a mechanical bull.

There’s also a spot to joust over a pit of foam, dodgeball on trampolines, a worry-free spot for toddler jumpers, and more.

You can find it at 3300 North Gretna Road.

They have increased their cleaning regimen, check the temps of their workers before their shifts, and more to try to keep you safe during your visit.

9. Beyond the Lens

This place has it all. Two-minute escape rooms, virtual and augmented reality games, a hunt for Bigfoot, an irresistible alien egg ball pit, and conspiracy theories. 

To play the augmented reality games, you’ll need to download an app on your phone. You search for the yellow dots scattered throughout the building. Each dot comes to life in the form of a crazy celebrity pet and if you find all 20 you get some sort of prize.

There’s bumper cars you can ride that flip your seat upside down, a human kaleidoscope, a bunch of spots to take funny selfie pictures. 

Oh yeah, and there are areas that take a deep-dive into some conspiracies surrounding some of the most famous crimes of the century, including JonBenet Ramsey, OJ Simpson, Laci Peterson, and more. 

It’s at  3115 West 76 Country Boulevard.

While you aren’t required to wear a mask to visit Beyond The Lens, they do sell inexpensive ones if you wish to wear one during your visit. They’ve also increased the frequency of exhibit cleanings among other things in hopes of keeping visitors safe.

Savings tip: Groupon can save you up to 29% off.

10. ATV rides at Shepherd of the Hills Adventure Park

This staple for a visit to Branson has added a new attraction: CanAm side-by-side, four-seater UTVs to ride around and explore their 177 acres worth of trails. Just be sure to call for times. 

Otherwise, if you’ve never been, Shepherd of the Hills has the Vigilante Extreme ZipRider, Inspiration Tower, ATV rides, and guided homestead tours. 

There’s also a reenactment of the novel by the same name featuring 90 actors and actresses, 40 horses, and a herd of sheep.

Check it out at 5586 West 76 Country Boulevard.

They’re yet another business who has opted to check the temperatures of their employees pre-shift to help protect visitors. They’ve also added more hand sanitation devices throughout the park as well as other things you can read about here.

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