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A Guide to Branson’s Reopening

UPDATE: We have added the announcement of Branson’s Reopening in which the Board of Aldermen voted to remove all local restrictions pertaining to social distancing, essential businesses, and the spread of communicable diseases during a meeting on May 4.

Are you wondering what’s open in Branson? If you follow our Facebook, you know we recently announced we’re open for business again effective May 14.

However, we want you to know we’re still taking the coronavirus pandemic seriously. More specifically, here are just a few of the things we’re doing to help ensure guest safety:

  • Removing pens, notepads, phonebooks & any other items in the rooms that may be easily contaminated
  • Removing papers & magazines from the lobby
  • Removing bed scarfs from the beds
  • Sanitization of high-contact areas every hour
  • After a guest checks out of their room, the room will be held for 24-48 hours and cleaned thoroughly before another guest is hosted in that room.

We know with different states, counties and even cities having different guidelines on how to operate during these times, you may not know what to expect on your next trip to Branson or what’s open in Branson.

While we can’t predict the future, we can can keep you up to date on the most recent Branson Stay at home order information. We’ve put together a timeline on what’s happened and what we currently know about what’s in store for the future of Branson:

MAY 4 — Board of Aldermen Vote to Reopen Branson

The Branson Board of Aldermen unanimously voted to remove all local restrictions pertaining to social distancing, essential businesses, and the spread of communicable diseases during a meeting on May 4. Businesses in the City of Branson are still required to follow all state requirements from the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services. Those guidelines can be found here.

MARCH 17 — Mayor E. Edd Akers issued emergency proclamation declaring state of emergency

In doing so, it activated all rights, duties, and responsibilities of the Missouri Civil Defense Act and Chapter 34 of the Branson Municipal Code, allowing the city to respond quickly with government funds and enact new laws to protect residents and visitors.

MARCH 19 — Board of Aldermen vote to restrict public gathering and limit business occupancy

At the meeting, the bill signed prohibited planned or spontaneous events with 10 or more people. It also prohibited businesses from exceeding 25% of their occupant load in enclosed public places.

MARCH 23 — Board of Aldermen vote to restrict non-essential business

In an emergency special meeting held Monday, March 23, 2020, at Branson City Hall, the Board of Aldermen voted to restrict non-essential business operations, public and social gatherings, and force social distancing amongst individuals in the city.
The ordinance put into place the following components:

  • Prohibits public and social gatherings of more than 10 people.
  • Requires social distancing of six feet or more amongst non-family members.
  • Prohibits non-essential businesses from operating in the city.
  • Prohibits on-premises eating and drinking at any restaurant or business open to the public.
  • Allows essential businesses to remain open as long as they don’t exceed 25% of their occupant load in enclosed public places. Daycares and medical facilities are exempt from occupant load requirements and for lodging establishments only the public areas are considered.
  • Prohibits visitation to nursing homes, long term care facilities, retirement homes or any facility where the number of guests over the age of sixty outnumbers those under the age of sixty unless that visit is to provide critical assistance or care.

Parks were also closed until further notice.

MAY 4 — Branson announces plans to reopen

During a specially-called meeting on May 4, Branson’s Board of Aldermen voted to remove rules that were stricter than the state-wide requirements mandated by the Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services.
This allowed retail spaces to open in Branson with 10 percent occupancy — the state mandate.

MAY 5 — Branson parks, trails and recreation facilities reopen

The Branson Parks & Recreation Department reopened all city parks, trails, and facilities May 5.
Any specific guidelines were outlined here.

MAY 15 — Live entertainment begins again

A few live theaters have announced they will attempt to entertain guests safely with social distancing measures and additions such as temperature checks, masks for all employees, and even plexiglass to separate staff from guests.

Be sure to check with the location you plan to visit to make sure it is open in Branson and to get the guidelines they wish for you to follow. And be sure to check our blog regularly. Our goal is to keep you as informed as possible on all the latest news and information about your favorite Branson attractions. Got information you think we should know and share? Email us at info@GrandOaksHotel.net

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