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Stuck inside? Free Educational Resources for Netflix

In this time of crisis, the entire world is changing. Although Grand Oaks Hotel is not currently open due to COVID-19 concerns, we still think we can help you in different ways. Being stuck inside can have many difficult complications beyond worrying about your health and running out of toilet paper. Many families are also trying to figure out how to entertain and educate their children for the entire day. That’s why we came up with a list of Netflix educational shows with free resources to get you by!

Chances are, you and the family have already watched your fair share of Netflix. Sometimes, it’s the only way to get the little ones to sit down. And that’s okay. But did you know Netflix has many educational videos you could have your kids watching? Below is a good starting point to get you headed in the right direction, along with free educational resources from Scholastic, NASA, and more to go along with your Netflix show or movie! Resources include free printables, experiments, lessons, and more!

Elementary Netflix Shows with Educational Resources


The best show to teach your young kids about the ocean. The Octonauts are a crew of eight adorable animals who explore the ocean in search of adventure, fun, and ocean education.

Below is a worksheet from where your kid can decorate their kelp cake and write a word describing what it tastes like. This educational resource will go along perfectly with the Netflix show, and your kids will love it!

The Magic School Bus

Ms. Frizzle to the rescue! The Magic School Bus is a classic for science education with episodes on the human body, gardening, weather, and more! Below is an experiment you can do at home to demonstrate why bones are so strong. All you need is an empty cardboard cereal box, a ruler, scissors, and tape or a stapler.

Middle School Resources

The Mars Generation

In this documentary, aspiring teenage astronauts dream of traveling to Mars and experts talk about NASA’s history and future. Inspire your space-loving middle schooler. Who knows, they might become an astronaut!

For more amazing NASA activities, visit

Carmen Sandiego

The story of the infamous thief is back, but this time she’s a cartoon character who’s trying to thwart evil. Best part: there are TONS of activities and lessons that your kids are sure to love at These educational resources will go perfectly with the Netflix show, and everybody loves Carmen Sandiego! We put one of our favorite printables below! It’s a lesson called “Express Yourself” that will help your kids build self-awareness, social-awareness, and relationship skills by creating and sharing a work of self-expression.

High School Resources

Our Planet

This series is a lot like Planet Earth (still narrated by David Attenborough, thank goodness), but it focuses on addressing issues of conservation and humans’ impact on the environment. This will be a thoughtful and educational watch for your high schoolers.

The activity worksheet below is called “Don’t Use It All Up!” This experiment demonstrates how everyone is a resource consumer.

BONUS Activity: There’s a website that lets you create your own crossword! You write down the word and the definition or defining characteristics. It creates the crossword and you can print it! Either create a crossword and have your high schooler fill it out or have them create their own!


This show digs deep into topics, questions, and ideas that aren’t often covered in the daily news. This highly visual series covers subjects like cryptocurrency, why diets fail, and the history of music. Make sure you preview episodes ahead of time, because there are some episodes that you might want to skip.

Activity: Have your high schooler create a powerpoint or Prezi on one of the episodes in the series. If you don’t have those, you can use Google Slides. It’s free! Then present it to the rest of the family. Bonus points if nobody falls asleep! Or I don’t know, maybe that would be a good thing (if you have little ones).

We know this isn’t our traditional blog post, but we truly hope you find some use out of it. Get creative and remember: don’t stress. This is not normal for any of us. However you get through this time, please just be kind to yourself.

If you do find this content useful, make sure to share it with your friends online. Come see us sometime when this whole thing is over, and be sure to sign up for our loyalty program (here) so you’re always guaranteed the best rates. We look forward to seeing you and your smart kiddos real soon!

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